Vote for our drummer David McCloskey on the "The Pit Unsigned" Best Unsigned Drummer Competition! 

Hails all!

The spectacular folks at XRP Radio in the UK have submitted our very own David McCloskey for The Pit Unsigned's Best Unsigned Drummer contest, due to his work with TAVU, as well as our extraordinary run of 16 weeks #1 on the XRP Radio Top 10.

Voting ends tonight, so log into the Facebook voting page and vote for David McCloskey - Tavú by clicking on the The Pit Unsigned logo below!



Also, after 16 weeks #1 on the XRP Top 10, we have finally been lowered down to #3, yet that means we are still on the Top 10!

Vote for us on the XRP Radio Website to help us stay there, and better yet, reclaim the #1 spot, by clicking on the XRP Logo below!

Thank you all for your support!

We will be posting more updates soon!


"Global Domination Vol. 1" compilation by Global Metal Apocalypse, featuring TAVU, out NOW on No Remorse Records! 

Tavú is proud to announce the release of the Global Metal Apocalypse "Global Domination Vol. 1" international compilation, by No Remorse Records in Gibraltar.

You can access the compilation by clicking on the cover for the album!

129 bands from 129 different countries all over the world!

We are proudly featured representing the Puerto Rico metal scene!

It is a "name your price" compilation, so it both free and available for the amount that you would be willing to donate.

The donations will go to charity, specifically the Gibraltar Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

So much metal from so many different countries!  ENJOY!

New TAVU Merch is up! 

Hails to all!

You asked for more TAVU shirts, and here they are!  Now also available in White and Gray!

You can purchase them at our Bandcamp webstore.

Later on we will have a direct webstore here on this page, but for now, Bandcamp will be your stop.

Purchase them HERE!

Tavu #1 on the XRP Radio Top 10 in the UK for 14 weeks, and Tavu news! 

Hails to all!

As some of you might have noticed on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages, we have stayed #1 on the XRP Radio Top 10 show in the UK for 14 spectacular weeks!  That is amazing!  Especially since it's because of all of you consistently voting for us to keep us there!

Voting is open now, so you should all give us that wonderful boost of love you have been giving us for 14 weeks and vote for us!

On other news, we will be announcing quite a number of new shows this weekend.  We will be playing in a few festival dates, as well as more localized shows, all over the island.  From San Juan, to Yabucoa, to Cabo Rojo, and more.  

We will also be redesigning our website in upcoming weeks, and we know you will enjoy the new design!

We will also be utilizing our mailing list more often, since some social media outlets, like Facebook, are limiting the organic reach we have with our fans.  And we want to keep you in the loop!

Also, we had previously mentioned touring plans outside of Puerto Rico for 2013.  These plans were all put on hold pending David's healing process (after his car accident in December).  He is healing slowly but surely, so we will be hitting the touring plans again soon.

And apart from that, very important news!  The music video for our next single, "A System Without Honor", will be done soon!  The post production process has taken a while, since it is very CG intensive.  But, all good things come to those who wait, and we are extraordinarily psyched over how it's coming out!

We are also working on some very interesting new equipment and endorsement deals, which you will be psyched over when you find out about them!

Last but not least, we want to thank all of you for your amazing support over the years, especially over the last two and the spectacular release of the new album.  "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii" has been spreading worldwide, and we have you to thank for that!

Keep spreading our music like the plague!

We love you all!

El bajo ha sido encontrado! The bass has been found! 

Saludos a todos!

Esta tarde se recuperó el bajo, al igual que todo otro equipo robado, en una casa de empeño en la Ave. Loiza.  Yogi y la banda entera estamos extraordinariamente felices de esto!  No hubiese sido posible sin la gran ayuda de TODOS ustedes!  Se los agradecemos inmensamente!

El caso criminal al respecto esta en proceso, por lo cual les mantendremos informados luego de cualquier acontecimiento.  Por ahora, los veremos el Viernes 7 de Marzo en Hell's Bells a celebrar!  Millones de gracias a todos ustedes!

Hails to all!

The bass was found this afternoon, as well as all the stolen equipment, at a pawn shop in the Ave. Loiza.  Yogi and the rest of the band are extraordinarily happy about this!  It wouldn't have been possible without the huge help ALL OF YOU gave us!  We are immensely grateful!

The criminal case is currently ongoing, so we will keep you all posted with any future developments.  For now, we will see you all Friday March 7 at Hell's Bells to celebrate!  A million thanks to you all!

Necesitamos su ayuda para recuperar este bajo robado! 

Saludos a todos.

El pasado miercoles 26 de febrero, a nuestro bajista Yogi le robaron el bajo del carro en Guaynabo, en el cruce de Alejandrino con la Avenida Apollo, en Puerto Rico.

Este bajo, un Fabregues 5 cuerdas azul custom con pickups Bartolini, es único.  Solo existe ese en especifico.  Fue hecho a su medida hace 15 años, y al ser un regalo familiar, tiene mucho valor sentimental.  También es su instrumento primario, cual muchos de ustedes han visto usarse con TAVU en presentaciones en vivo, videos musicales, y fotos.

También fue robado un pedal MXR M80 y un afinador de pedal marca Snark.  Los pedales son reemplazables.  El bajo no.

Les exhortamos a que nos ayuden a encontrarlo.  Rieguen la voz, compartan a este artículo, pasen por sus casas de empeño más cercanas, coméntenle a sus compañeros y a sus amigos músicos.  Cualquier ayuda que puedan proveer para recuperar este instrumento se le apreciaría inmensamente y pudiese lograr que lo encontremos con más prontitud.

Si tienen información que quieran proveer de manera anónima, pueden escribir a

Lo más que queremos es conseguir el bajo de vuelta.

Denle share y rieguen la voz, por favor!  



Please help us find this stolen bass! 

Greetings to all!

Last wednesday, February 26th, our bassist Yogi had his bass stolen from his car in Guaynabo, near the intersection between Alejandrino and Avenida Apollo, in Puerto Rico.

This bass, which is a custom blue Fabregues 5 string with Bartolini pickups, is unique.  There is only one like it.  It was made to his measurements 15 years ago, and being a gift from his family, it holds a lot of sentimental value.  It is also his primary instrument, which many of you have seen him use with Tavu in live performances, music videos, and photos.

An MXR M80 pedal and a Snark pedal tuner were also stolen.  The pedals are replaceable.  The bass is not.

We urge you to help us find it.  Spread the word, share this post, browse through your nearest pawn shop, tell your friends and fellow musicians.  Any bit of help that you could give us to recover this instrument will be immensely appreciated and it could result in us finding it sooner.

If you have information you are willing to share anonymously, you can write us at

What we want the most is to get that bass back.

Please share this and spread the word!


TAVU will represent Puerto Rico in the 1st Global Metal Apocalypse "Global Domination" Compilation! 

Hails to all!

Global Metal Apocalypse, the outstanding UK based international metal blog, will be releasing the "Global Domination: Vol. 1" compilation, which will include a vast lineup of international bands.  Global Metal Apocalypse has prided themselves in expanding the minds of metal fans into discovering bands from countries off the beaten path.  Many spectacular bands from all over the world have gotten exposure from them, including us, and we are damn proud to join this first venture into expanding minds and ears through a compilation of amazing bands from all over the globe.

We will have our music featured on the compilation, in representation of the Puerto Rico scene.  Damn proud to have been selected to do so!

You probably remember the wonderful review Global Metal Apocalypse gave our latest album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii".

This also is another step in spreading our music over the UK.  That said, it bears saying that we have been #1 on the XRP Radio Top 10, also in the UK, for an incredible 10 weeks!

Get your lovely selves over to XRP and vote for us again, so we can make it to 11 weeks!

We love you all!


Hoy, Sabado 8 de Febrero, TAVU en el programa de Metalurgía a las 4:00pm! 

Esta tarde (Sabado 8 de Febrero), a las 4:00 pm por Radio Huelga, Tavú estará participando en la nueva edición del programa Metalurgia, donde reseñarán nuestro último disco, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii".  Pueden sintonizar por

Para citar la promo de Metalurgia:

"El programa de Metalurgia vuelve este próximo sábado 8 de febrero a las 4pm por Radio Huelga. Venimos con dos reseñas muy especiales para nostros, comenzando con el nuevo disco de la banda boricua Tavú, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii". Además, reseñamos el nuevo y muy esperado disco de Satan's Host, "Virgin Sails", el segundo de esta banda desde el regreso de Harry Conklin. Entre reseñas tendremos, como siempre, noticias sociales y de cultura popular al son del mejor heavy metal. Acompañanos el sábado a las 4pm por".

Esperamos que sintonicen!  

Tavu in the new PRMA compilation! 

Hails to all!

We will be participating in the new PRMA (Puerto Rico Metal Alliance) compilation, "PRMA Attack Vol. II", with 14 other amazing bands from Puerto Rico.
We participated in the first volume a few years ago, and we are proud to be included in Vol. II.

The Puerto Rico scene has been growing at a steady pace, solidifying, consolidating efforts, and making waves outside of the island.  Different countries are noticing that there is an obscene amount of musical talent in Puerto Rico, and this compilation is a great example of the diversity that exists within the Puerto Rico metal community, which is only part of the scene as a whole.

So, this compilation is another important step in spreading Puerto Rico metal throughout the world.

And the art, designed by the spectacular Jorge Castillo, is awesomeness.


Tavu news! 

Hails to you all!  The Tavu blog has been quiet for a bit, and it's time to enlighten you all to what's been keeping us busy so far.

First of all, we have maintained our #1 position in the XRP Radio Top 10 in the UK for an incredible 7 weeks!  We are more than humbled and astounded at your spectacular support!  It wouldn't have been possible without it!

***(UPDATE: As of Sunday February 2, we MADE IT to #1 for an 8th week!  THANK YOU ALL)***

To help us stay there, click on the XRP logo below and vote for Tavu again and turn those 8 weeks into 9!  You can vote once per week!  The voting cycle ends every sunday!

Second, we have been busy writing and demoing new music.  The muse has hit us hard, so we are milking her for all it's worth.  As you all know, we tend to be very detail oriented in our songs, so the demo process is very meticulous.  So far, we are extraordinarily happy with the ideas that are coming out.  Our latest album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii" was a huge step for us musically, and the new material takes that milestone as a starting point to push the bar farther.

We will keep you posted on that!

We are also in the post-production phase of the massive new music video for "A System Without Honor".  As many of you know, we filmed it during December and have been extraordinarily psyched over the footage and performance we captured.  The editing process has been very detailed, and we sincerely can't wait for it to be done.  We will be announcing the release date soon.  

Here are some preview stills from the video!

Some of you have already heard through our social media that our drummer David McCloskey had a serious car accident in December.  A drunk driver nearly knocked his car off a bridge.  He was lucky and survived mostly intact, although some of his injuries will take a while to heal completely.  That said, we will be focusing on launching the music video, pre-producing the next string of videos, writing new music, and working on touring dates for later in 2014.  We have decided to confirm very few live dates until David gets a clean bill of health.  He can't wait to hit the drums and the stage more often, but one thing at a time.  Good thing is he can at least pick up a guitar and compose new music with the rest of the band.  

So remember people, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!

So that said, we only have two live shows confirmed.  A festival date June 21st (which we will be promoting later on), and the only one in March.  So if you want to get your Tavu on, your only chance to do so until David is healed enough to book more shows is March 7th at Hells Bells in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, with our bad ass friends Abstract Forms.  The entrance is FREE, and there will be an open bar for $10 from 9pm-12am.  

We hope to see you all there!  We can't wait to hit the stage more often, but health comes first!

We are also taking the time to solidify some more delicious endorsement deals for the band, as well as for touring outside of Puerto Rico later in 2014.

Apart from that, we are making new merch for you all, so keep your eyes peeled!

Don't forget our album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii", is available on iTunes, Amazon, and directly at our Bandcamp (where we also have our merch store).

We will be sending you another update soon, which will include the awesome press and feedback, as well as the awards and recognition, that our latest album received in 2013.  Now, to make 2014 as amazing as 2013!

We love you all!


Tavu featured in the XRP Radio "Journey Through Genres" compilation! 

Since we have been on the air a lot on XRP Radio, including more than a month straight as #1 on their Top 10, we decided to join up with their "Journey Through Genres" project.  This is a compilation of 61 independent artists from all over the world, from all types of musical genres.

We at the Tavu camp are happy to be part of this unique compilation, and we thank XRP Radio for inviting us on!

You can get the compilation clicking on the XRP Logo below!

Diseñado en Puerto Rico reúne artistas de #Las20del13 para galardonarlos (Tavu incluido) 

El lunes 23 de Diciembre, Diseñado en Puerto Rico reunió a los artistas de su iniciativa #Las20del13 para darles un reconocimiento por su trabajo y sus logros.

#Las20del13 fue una iniciativa que seleccionó los sencillos más influyentes del 2013 por parte de artistas independientes de Puerto Rico.  "Sin Miedo", el primer sencillo de nuestro nuevo disco "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii" fue seleccionado para este listado de 20 sencillos, junto a 19 otros sencillos de suma excelencia.

La pasamos en grande en esta actividad, al igual que recibimos nuestro reconocimiento con suma felicidad.

Pueden leer el reportaje clickeando en la foto abajo!