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Tavú - Metal - San Juan, Puerto Rico

I think everyone can agree that it’s always fun to discover new bands, and whether it’s a local band from your own hometown or a national act that has somehow slipped under your radar all these years, the process of coming upon good, new music is perpetually welcomed in my book. However, the best form of discovery is finding a band from a completely different country that’s been killing it for years, but is just now making its presence known elsewhere. Today, Hear This! Promotions is here to implore you to discover San Juan, Puerto Rico’s metal extraordinaires: Tavú.

You’ve probably never heard of Tavú, but after listening to their newest album, “Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silenti” you’ll be kicking yourself for having missed out on them for so long. And believe me, you’ve been missing out for a LONG time. Tavú has been shredding and melting faces for over a decade, and somehow, they are still topping themselves, constantly getting better and better with each release.

This June 1st release finds Tavú at their strongest, playing their most consistent blend of Meshuggah-inspired technical chugging with progressive tendencies. The first song on their ReverbNation page, “A System Without Honor,” will immediately click with any fans of heavy music, as the production and musicianship is absolutely stellar. Drummer, David McCloskey, nails every single double bass section and the mixing on the guitars sound gigantic. About halfway through, the heaviness cuts out and an extremely spacy, proggy bridge takes control, filling the void perfectly. The transition is seamless and really demonstrates the true talent of Tavú: their ability to seamlessly blend intense, heavy sections with more musically driven, complex progressive parts.

“Sin Miedo” is another extremely good offering, showcasing the vocalists ability to sing in both Spanish AND English. The screams throughout the record are fantastic—they are strong and gritty but are still clear enough to understand the words, which are also quite well-written. Some dark subject matter is covered, like the line “Vows are broken” in lead single, “Words of Salt and Ash,” and I’m sure that's bleak enough to please even the saddest of lyric enthusiasts.

In their 16 years as a band, Tavú has definitely gone through some tough times, but somehow they made it out okay and are releasing the best metal music that Central America has to offer. Whether they’re blasting away with a ridiculously intense breakdown or proving their chops by switching tempos and time signatures, Tavú is a consistently impressive, but extremely fun band to listen to. We can only hope that they make their way up to the states soon, because up here, there would be no stopping them.

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