Extraordinarily deep and heartfelt review of our new album by Dying Supernova!

Hails to all!

Before Tavú released the new album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii", by way of chance we ended up talking with Dying Supernova on Twitter.  As the first single, and later on, the entire album rolled out, she gave us a huge hand by spreading our music to quite a number of independent radio stations and internet radio, as well as helped out immensely by spreading the word about us.

She was blown away by our music and believed strongly in our work, but more than that, she believed in us as people, in our talent, in our way of viewing the world.  She was one of the first people who heard the album before its release.

She has also become a good friend to us and we appreciate her both for her undying support, as well as for being all around awesome.

That said, it came as a big surprise to us when through her official site, Dying Supernova Promotions, she published a very profound, heartfelt review of our new album.
We didn't expect it, and honestly, it tugged on all our heartstrings.  

It is always a joy when someone understands the complexity of our music and our lyrical concepts, but it is so much more touching when someone understands and feels the emotions behind our music as deep as Dying Supernova has.  It is quite clear she has digested and analyzed all the layers of "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii".

Again, this touched our heartstrings as no other review of our album has done before.

So, without much further ado, we share this awesome review with all of you.  READ IT!  

Click on the Dying Super Nova logo to read.

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