Hit the #2 Spot on the XRP Radio Top 10 in the UK, and more positive album reviews!

Hails to all!

We hit the #2 spot on the XRP Radio Top 10 in the UK.  And it was thanks to ALL OF YOU for voting for us and having us blast up the charts.  

We have to give you all a special thank you for that, as well as thank Tizz, Ree, Brittanny, and everyone at XRP Radio.

Remember you can keep voting!  You can vote once for us every week!  If you haven't voted yet, or haven't voted this week, go HERE and vote for us!


We would also love to share with you another awesome review of our new album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii", this time from CriticMusic from the Czech Republic!


We will be sharing more news with you guys soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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