Joen receives his custom S7G guitar, built to his specs. So happy!

Our guitarist, Joen Blanco, just received his first fully custom guitar, built to his specs by Strictly7 Guitars.
It is a S7G Cobra 8, nicknamed "Ochorun".  Take a look at it!

As you can see, this 8 string beast is a thing of beauty.  Joen is more pleased than he can put to words.

The specs are:

​Swamp Ash body
5 piece bolt on maple neck
Macassar Ebony Fretboard with Oshurun logo from frets 11-13th 
Sperzel locking tuners
Calibrated Bare Knuckle Pickups Painkiller set
28.625 scale length with 27 frets
1 volume and 1 pup selector
The finish is a dark stain so the grain pops out. 

We will be posting more about it later on.  For the new music we are making, we are experimenting with six, seven, and 8 string guitars, creating different soundscapes for your enjoyment.

This beast will be part of it!  It sounds MASSIVE, with a clear, articulated, phenomenal sound.  Plays like a dream!

We hugely thank Jim Lewis and Strictly 7 Guitars for their wonderful construction.  This guitar is a work of art!

We know you will all eventually enjoy it as much as we are enjoying it right now!


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