One more festival performance... and then comes our Album Release!

 Hails to all!

We've been gearing up for our album release, which will be June 1st, by playing a few special shows.  

First, we'd like to thank all who have shown their support by going to these shows and rocking out with us.

Second, we'd like to announce that there is ONE last performance before our album release.

This one will be mega special: The Second Annual PR Metal Community BBQ, this sunday, May 19th.  This year, it will be held in "Esa Es La Pregunta?" right by the Ave. Domenech.
Seems fitting to us... we used to drink and party after shows and rehearsals right there at what we used to call "El 89", the gas station right at the Domenech entrance in front of the Hospital del Maestro.

Lot's of epic hangouts, lot's of beer involved.  Hangouts that included other bands, and many fans like you.  Good times.

We will celebrate this with all our metal and hardcore friends at the Metal Community BBQ.

We will be playing at 8:00pm so don't be late!  Actually, be early if possible, a LOT of badass bands will be sharing the stage with us!

We will also most probably be unveiling new merch that day, so come ready to get your new TAVU tshirts!


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