Tavu #1 for the FOURTH week in a row on XRP Radio in the UK!

Hails to all!

That's right!  Thanks to ALL OF YOU, we have kept our #1 position on the XRP Radio Top 10 in the UK for the FOURTH CONSECUTIVE WEEK!

So, we have to thank all our fans and every single person who has consistedly voted for us!

We also want to thank Tizz, Ree, Brittany, and everyone at XRP Radio and Hear This! Promotions for their amazing support and for being all around awesome.

We are damn proud to be #1!  Tavu showing the world that Puerto Rico gives birth to great music!  

This year has been amazing for Tavu, as well as for a lot of other wonderfully talented Puerto Rico bands and artists.  2014 will be no exception!  

Want to keep us #1 another week?  Well, voting is already open!  Click on the XRP Radio Logo and vote "tavu" (lowercase), and help keep us there!

Thank you all for the amazing support!

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