TAVÚ end of the year update!

Seasons greetings to you all from the TAVU camp!

As you know, we have been hard at work finishing the new album. It has been a long, arduous, fulfilling process, and we are proud to make a few announcements about it.

The new album is basically done! It is going through the final processes of mixing and mastering, as well as the final song sequencing (which is selecting the order the songs go on the album).

These duties are being handled by the amazing Leo Alvarez (Mattador, Tavu, Slimmy Nuggetz, Tapiz, Coabey, etc.) from Soundjunkies Recording Studio, and we can truly say the album is sounding FREAKING HUGE!!!

This is where the magic happens.

WE CAN'T WAIT to release this beast! It is the most mature, technical, heavy, yet textured and melodic collection of songs we have created. Some you might recognize from our live set, and some will catch you by surprise.

That said, the album art is also an inch away from being finalized. It was crafted by the incredible Angel Resto, who also created the artwork for our first album. He captured the complexity and symbolism of the album as well the profound meaning within the songs and created an iconic piece of art which blew our minds away.

We will be making a press release with the album art work, album title, and song sequencing as soon as everything is done.

In true TAVÚ fashion, we are taking this album a step farther. As many of you remember, we filmed our set during our opening slot for Municipal Waste for the first music video for our new album. We have to thank everyone who came to support us during our set and the videoshoot. You were awesome!

TAVÚ live @ La Respuesta, Opening for Municipal Waste, 09/29/2012

This video, which will be for our song "Sin Miedo", is also almost done. This thrashy, demolishing, tight as hell new song will be our first "single", which sets the mood for the deliciously devastating impact TAVU will have once more on the music scene.

But, that's not all. We will also be filming a second music video during the last weeks of December, for the song "Take A Bow". When the album drops, we will have two videos supporting it. (UPDATE: Due to the venue changing the agreement less than a week before the shooting, this videoshoot was postponed)

We have a third video in the works, which we plan to film early 2013, so we will keep you updated!

In addition, in 2013 we will most probably be releasing a 10th Anniversary Edition reissue of our first full length album! For all of you who have been asking for copies, if everything goes according to plan, there will be a new pressing and it will be available for purchase as both physical and digital copies.

TAVU's first album.

We will be making more announcements later on, but for now, we want to thank you all for your undying support, wish you a hell of a wonderful holiday season, and we want to let you know that 2013 will be a big year for TAVU, as well as all of you.

Take care, and SPREAD THE WORD!


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