TAVÚ turns 17! Say Happy Birthday to us!

Hails to all!

We've been so busy promoting the new album, answering interviews, rehearsing for new shows, and all those interesting things that happen after a productive album release, that we forgot something very important.


Tavú was formed during a sweltering summer in 1996, which means that the band just hit that age that glam rock bands in the 80s used to sing about.

Wow... it feels exhilirating!  

To be honest, it also feels slightly odd, since it doesn't feel like we started so long ago.  

Time sure as hell flies!

So, to celebrate our 17 years together as a professional band, we hit the rehearsal room at Phoamhouse Studios and rocked the hell out, Tavú style.

Oh, and of course, we did so with good quantities of excelent quality beer.  As you can see:

Well, we are damn happy to have been a pillar of the Puerto Rico rock and metal scene for so long.  We had a blast at rehearsal, we are cooking up some surprises for all of you, we have some shows lined up, and some more album reviews and interviews are going to be published in the next few days.

DON'T FORGET:  If you STILL don't have our new album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii", you can purchase it from iTunes, Google Play Store, Amazon, CD Baby, and our Bandcamp page.

The links are up on our main page (above this post).  So, go, purchase, enjoy the hell out of it.

You can also stream it from Spotify, Last FM, Rhapsody, etc.


Happy Birthday To Us!  \m/

We love you all!

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