TAVU will represent Puerto Rico in the 1st Global Metal Apocalypse "Global Domination" Compilation!

Hails to all!

Global Metal Apocalypse, the outstanding UK based international metal blog, will be releasing the "Global Domination: Vol. 1" compilation, which will include a vast lineup of international bands.  Global Metal Apocalypse has prided themselves in expanding the minds of metal fans into discovering bands from countries off the beaten path.  Many spectacular bands from all over the world have gotten exposure from them, including us, and we are damn proud to join this first venture into expanding minds and ears through a compilation of amazing bands from all over the globe.

We will have our music featured on the compilation, in representation of the Puerto Rico scene.  Damn proud to have been selected to do so!

You probably remember the wonderful review Global Metal Apocalypse gave our latest album, "Clamor Victorium, Clamor Silentii".

This also is another step in spreading our music over the UK.  That said, it bears saying that we have been #1 on the XRP Radio Top 10, also in the UK, for an incredible 10 weeks!

Get your lovely selves over to XRP and vote for us again, so we can make it to 11 weeks!

We love you all!


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